Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bleak days

There are times when all things around you look bleak. Every happening in your surroundings, your home and your work place, culture, society and politics will make you gloomy. Your mental kingdom will feel empty. You will wander around fruitlessly in search of the required stimulation, to keep you able and stable on the path, but will not find it.

The pale morning will obviously start with the headache called the morning newspaper that will begin to pour in your mind all kinds of information you loathe. You will learn that the inflation has elevated today to a new height, further instances of greed and double standards of the ugly politicians are unearthed, Gujarat government is showing more signs of fascistic bent and the BJP is emerging stronger everyday. You will also find out that CPI(M) is getting bashed universally for almost everything it has done, it is doing and it may do; RSP is immerging as a political party with a difference and the shrill and itchy voice and body language of the Trinamul Congress lady is getting louder day by day. Information in graphic details will show you how co-passengers had screwed up an arrogant CPM minister of Bengal on the day of the general strike against fuel price hike. The Gujjar agitation is showing signs of division within and BCCI has humiliated the great Kapil Dev again.

All over the day, in regular intervals, you will face unpleasant things you deeply dislike. You may witness a horrific accident on the road. Everywhere, you will find people accusing you for something or the other and make you feel guilty. You have to tackle nasty domestic and workplace politics, compromise your beliefs while keeping a brave face. Your present will look dry and the future dull. You will find that your mind is in an utterly confused state and your existence insignificant.

Then you sit down in your solitude and write a new post.