Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The enemy of the people

A few hours later, it will be clear whether the present Indian government loses or wins the trust vote on the Indo-US nuclear deal. Whatever the outcome may be, it remains broadly insignificant. The government, if it wins the trust votes, will anyway rule the country for few more months as the scheduled general election is only 7-8 months away. If the government loses, the only difference will be that the election might take place a few months earlier. The win will give opportunity to a ‘statesman’ Prime Minister who does not understand politics, his party, and allies to spoil the Indian democracy a bit more. If the government loses, the country will pass through a short phase of caretaker governance. By the way, was there any functioning government in India for the last couple of months? This unfortunate country was been governed by a bunch of domestic and international brokers who has made a mockery of the word ‘governance’.

Whatever may happen, have less doubt on the future of the Indo-US nuclear deal. The deal will face absolutely no crisis at all. The US, yesterday has made it clear that they will have no problem to sign the deal even with a minority Indian government. They are adamant to go ahead with the deal and whatever hurdles may come on the way will be simply brushed aside by their power and propaganda. The Indian media, therefore, should not show a worried face to the nation on the future of the deal. The deal is undoubtedly through. The small opposition voices are irrelevant for a major cause concerning the bright, vibrant, and ‘powered with nuclear power and America’ future of India.

Instead of worrying on the deal’s future, the media should now concentrate more on what they are fussily doing all these days. Continue humiliating the Left for every action it takes and degrade them. Thus, they must locate lawyers, bureaucrats, constitutional experts, journalists and politicians’, those who had fossilized their mind in their anti-communist convictions and provide them prime time coverage to spill venom against the Left. The media should build up imaginary half-truth stories to slow poison the viewers and readers mind on any subject that might disgrace the communists. See how the Indian Express (Why Indian? Why not for the sake of freedom of speech, call it the ‘American Express’?) prepared a major yellow story on Bolpur constituency in West Bengal and illustrated how the voters there have actually voted for Mr. Somnath Chatterjee, the nice individual; not for CPI(M), the Stalinist party. If CPI(M) had nominated anyone other than Mr. Chatterjee they would have certainly lost the seat! The energetic ‘American Express’ journalist interviewed two or three from cozy Shantiniketan and surrounding areas, which are insignificantly tiny parts of the entire constituency (obviously, the reporter and his bosses were in a hurry to cash on the situation) and published their opinion as the opinion of the entire electorate. Clearly, Mr. Somnath Chatterjee has suddenly become a national hero only because he has ‘defied’ his own party and decided to immortalize himself by continuing as the Speaker of the house. Mouth watering stories like how the Bengal CPI(M) is shivering to face an early Lok Sabha poll and how sharp differences in the party are oozing out on the issue of voting with BJP are regularly making headlines.

The Prime Minister looks a relieved person today. And why not? The Indian media is dutifully sharing the extra load of his personal political agenda. They also have vital reasons to do that. Why should they miss the chance to lubricate the bottoms of their American bosses?

The media thus propagates, “What a pity to see a party like CPI(M), the party of Jyoti Basu and Harkishan Surjeet, tolerating the stubborn and egocentric Karat family!” According to their “permanent propaganda policy”, the Indian media therefore continue with their sacred mission to highlight Mr. Prakash Karat and the Indian Left as the enemy of Indian people.

In the mean time, their bosses continue with their assignment: to sell out the country.