Friday, May 23, 2008

Make no mistake; this is the beginning of the CPM's end!

So now the Panchayat 2008 results are announced. All the progressives and well-wishers of Bengal are jubilant. Their toil and hard work for the last two years has ultimately brought them a great success. CPM has lost Nandigram and Singur.

The charming Lady of the Mass has assured to halt all industrialisation in the state because, as she predicts, this campaign will now definitely pave her way for the complete ouster of the CPM. East Midnapore results have fulfilled her heart. The oppressed mass has finally passed their verdict: they are looking up towards her, only her, as their savior, to rescue them from the brutal CPM. Progressive bigwigs like the ‘almost Nobel’ foulmouthed literati et al, also browbeaten by the arrogant CM, are also looking up towards her, only her, as their Messiah. She had assured everyone while distributing rasogolla: ‘Make no mistake; this is the beginning of the CPM's end’.

The LF partners are visibly delighted after the debacle. One vocal partner said that they had already predicted the results and the other said philosophically, ‘whom should we blame?’ However, is it not crystal clear who they want to blame? It is the arrogant pseudo-left CPM, damn it. From the day Singur tumult started, weren’t they raising alarms? As pillion riders, they knew very well that CPM might manage himself even after the jolt as they had managed before, but they were not so sure about themselves. Therefore, they spoke in the tune of the dissent to public and media, trying hard to prove how pure leftist they are. One of them backed off after deciding to resign from the ministry realizing he might be more harmful by staying inside. One ‘national leader’ almost started to think about throwing CPM out to build a stronger Left Front. Sorry to say but a pillion’s optimism for authority is a pathetic illusion.

The progressives and intellectuals, by their achievement, are flattered. Soon, an apolitical victory march by the civil society will be mounting the central Kolkata streets. The march will be lead by filmmakers, actors, actor cum singers, poets, visual artists, singers, singer cum journalists, theater directors, playwrights, TV serial starlets, little magazine editors cum publishers, anchors, NGO activists, university professors and students, columnists, grass roots and tree tops; upbeat city folk followers chanting We Shall Overcome will also be tagged along to make the march a historic one. Just think, what a lesson! What a lesson we taught them! Never again the CPM would dare to diktat us, the progressives and intellectuals, the conscience of Bengal, and take us for granted. Websites and blogs will start pouring out the choicest sentences. The theme line is evident: ‘Make no mistake; this is the beginning of the CPM's end’.

The neo liberal media is also bubbly with a caution. What will happen to the industrialization? What will happen to the FDI? Should CPM return to the orthodox communistic line after the shambles? What a pity, if so. We have tried hard to malign them with a calculative long term planning which continued till the polling days. We showed graphically how their harmad cadres vandalized and rigged the polls in Nandigram. How they prevented voters to vote, jammed the booths, filled the ballot boxes with false votes. And CPM has lost Nandigram.

The results from Nandigram are matchless in history. Here, a party who has 'absolutely' rigged the polls has lost!

The last words are for the CPIM. Please introspect. Try to recover the lost grounds honestly and sincerely. Stand beside the deprived. Be firm but polite. Identify and discard members and workers with megalomaniac attitude. Speak less, listen more. Reconstruct the Left Front. Do not compromise with principals. Do not hurry. Do not feel low after losing two Zilla Parishad, you have won thirteen.

And finally, do not forget.