Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The stupid American

Average Americans are stupid. This common phrase has been floating among the residual relatives of the non resident Indian community for a long period of time. That’s the reason our children are doing so well there, that’s the reason our children are on high demand there, they say.

This reasoning itself sounds stupid. As if the Indians are a brainy super breed consigned to improve and manage the lives of their idiot counterparts and in exchange the Americans are feeding them with hefty pay packages, assigning them to run the economy on their behalf. According to them, the source of revenue of the non resident Indians is the American stupidity. Therefore India as a country must delightfully provide the necessary fodder to develop its generation next for their future mission and as a return they will pump back dollars to enrich the foreign currency reserves of the Indian state.

But the irony is that most of the Indian NRI’s are doing menial jobs on American soil which do not help out the Americans from their stupidity but instead make them idle and heartless. Indian NRI’s are not there for any holy mission either; they are there to fulfill their individual greed for money. They know by heart the Dylan phrase: money doesn’t speak, it swears.

The recent remark of President George W. Bush is American stupidity at its best. Commenting that the 350 million prosperous Indian middle class is eating out all the available food and directly affecting the world food crisis is not only stupid but also callous at its core. What the Bushman said means that all these days the malnutrition of the Indian middle class was in fact filling the American belly! This is a classic comment from the head of a rogue state.

The American gluttony is in a crisis.


Anrosh said...

you said it very well - the american gluttony is in a crisis and then they shout - 'i am hungryan i am obese" all at the same time.

shubho said...

The word ‘gluttony’ could easily be used as a metaphor for the American authority.I actually wrote the post to raise my anger against the stupid remark by George Bush who along with the American establishment had already caused much agony to lot of simple people all over this beautiful world. I have nothing against the Americans in general.

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